Rugged Devices

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In-Vehicle Computers

Embedded industrial grade vehicle Box PC which features a vehicle Power Supply Unit(PSU), wireless modules, on-board GPS and has e-Mark/e13 vehicle certification. The rugged cast aluminum case not only provides great protection from EMI, shock/vibration, but also transfers internal system heat outside to guarantee system stability.

Railway Computers

the BOXER embedded Box PC family and is reinforced with features to boost resilience while operating inside a moving railway, which includes surge protection, power on/off delay, and E-Mark certification, enabling them to be one of the most robust and feature-rich railway computers on the market.

Rugged Tablet Computers

the tablets’ base features, users of AAEON’s rugged tablet computers may also choose from a wide assortment of accessories, which includes docking stations, 2D code scanners, carrier bags, and I/O modules to bring greater scalability for any rugged tablet-specific application.

Rugged Tablet Accessories                                                                                            .