Voice Data Logger

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Phone Recorder

Voice logging or voice recording is the process of recording audio in a business situation.Voice Logger
allows businesses to keep records, improve customer service quality,increase security,decrease errors,
policy compliance, government regulations,connection resolution,process evaluation,data mining and
training.This records all your incoming and outgoing telephone calls from all extensions of EPABX and
also record direct lines without EPABX.


Voice Logger Features & Technical

  • Voice recording for incoming & outgoing telephone calls
  • Rugged and Reliable Hardware
  • High Fidelity Playback of Recorded Converations.
  • Live Call monitoring
  • Caller ID and Dialed Out No.Recorded Supported.Incoming-outgoing-missed call bifurcation
  • Play list searching by date-time, Incoming-Outgoing numbers, party name, talk-time &
    more information
  • Fast forward, backward, stop, pause, volume control & auto play- Play option
  • Input note for recording to remark. Phone book for customer name entry
  • Recording backup file format is WAV & MP3 sound
  • Call list print out and export in MS excel format
  • LAN supported & password protection. Multiple user rights allocation like view only,delete record
    protection, exit program restriction. User log creation
  • Remotely call barge in & play recording facility through internet
  • Advanced compress technique to reduce file size,allocation of hard disk path for recording data
    PC Interface.All Phone Conversations saved in PC
  • Number filter for stop recording on selective number like home no, personal no
    Auto gain control (AGC) technology for clear voice recording
  • Automatic (or) Manual Backup facilitate
  • Incoming call popup information
  • EPABX/KTX supported. Up to128 trunk lines/extensions recording in single PC
  • Easy to install & user friendly interface to operate software
  • Minimum Computer system requirement – Pentium-4, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB Hard disk
    & available PCI/USB port
  • Connection – trunk line wise RJ-11 Jack
  • Operating system – Win XP, Win 2000, Win 2003, Win Vista